Levity II is a giant inflatable art installation. On the outside Levity II it looks like a bouncy castle, but on the inside you find yourself bathed in illuminated light.

The whole atmosphere is relaxed as you sit and listen to calming music walking around a maze of different coloured chambers.

Levity II

The light is all naturally produced by plastic that is 1mm thick, depending on the weather outside will determine what it is you see on the inside, so a more dark atmosphere is produced inside Levity if you go on a cloudy day, on a sunny day the chambers are brighter.

It could be interesting experiencing Levity II if it rained, being inside Levity as the rain bounces around on the outside.

I spent almost 2hrs inside Levity II when it came to Skegness as part of the SO Festival and loved every minute of it.

Architect of Air the creatures of Levity II has many of these art installations of differing sizes and they have been all over the world.