This photograph is a great memory for me.

We had been on a family walk on a late sunny afternoon in winter, when we stumbled across a big log that had been washed up on the beach and some one had placed a small red rose bud in between the wood.

Rose Bud on Beach

We stood looking admiring it when my hubby got out his wallet, I asked him what he was doing and he said adding to it :)

I love my hubby he’s spontaneous and sweet :)

We all added to the rose bud to create some sort of modern art on the beach, My hubby placed a shiny 2p coin, I added a shell and our son added a mermaids purse.

I got an even bigger surprise when a local man we had met days before and is into photography posted on his Facebook page our beach art of our perfect day.

Was a shame no one else had added anything to it, but it was good to see we had inspired someone else top take a picture of it.

I wounder what the story is behind the rose bud, the reason why someone put it there :)