My son got up close to this cute little squirrel, we just happened to be walking passed one autumn day.

I love his bright sparkling eyes, I’ve taken lots of pictures of squirrels, but I’ve never caught one on camera with such bright eyes.

I stood admiring this grey squirrel for a few minutes until I noticed I had my camera, DOH! :)

Cute Gray Squirrel with Bright Eyes

I could have missed my shot while I was admiring him, I zoned out, we were having such a wonderful autumn walk it almost slipped my mind to take a photograph, I got lost in the moment :)

I’m hoping one day I will get to see a red squirrel, I live in the wrong part of the UK so I’ve never seen one. There are lots of red squirrel apparently in Germany, but UK red squirrels have a redder coat than their European counter parts.

I’ve always wondered why they don’t have a red squirrel sanctuaries in the UK, I know in some areas of the UK Scotland and Cumbria (I think) they have a red squirrel protection area and all gray squirrels are killed in certain woods so the grey squirrels can’t take over and kill off the natural red squirrel population, but I’ve always wondered why they don’t have the equivalent of big glass domes like the Eden project where the red squirrel could live happily roaming free in a sudo woodland environment, they do it for tropical species.

I do like seeing gray squirrels though, they always make me smile and it’s always a pleasure seeing them.

Red or grey their all cute to me.