I got this great picture of a Bull Seal in trouble surrounded by Cow seals at Donna Nook.

You can see the panic on his face as he realises he just took a wrong turn and ended up in a mine field of pregnant females and new mothers :)

Bull Seal Donna Nook

Female Seal are very protective of there young and will attack any other seal whether it is a male or another female, and this guy ended up in the middle of several females, some with young others ready to pup.

A great shot that tells a story, just by looking at the seals in the photograph you can see what they are thinking.

I went to see the baby seal pups, but I found the adults to be much more photogenic and interesting to capture on film.

The adult grey seals are constantly fighting with each other and the males are always trying to get on the good side of the females.

The pups have the cute factor, but the adults are the most interesting.

One of the best points about this shot is I didn’t have to step foot onto the beach once, I took this photo from the viewing area.

It’s hard to believe that some selfish people actually walk amongst the seals, are they so stupid not to realise the danger to them selves and the stress they put on mothers at a really difficult time, they should try giving birth with big stomping boots heading towards them ‘idiots’, the stress can make the female seal abandoned their pups.

I don’t think any photo opportunity is worth risking the well being of a baby seal or any other animal for that matter.