Nice photograph, I love the way the light shines through the glass, I’m really proud of this picture it came out well :)

We found this half broken bottle on the beach, that’s the reason why we leave it to the naivety of the tourist to walk across the sand bare foot, there’s all manner of rubbish hiding below the surface of the sand so we always keep our shoes on.

Glass Bottle on Beach

We paddle in the sea with wellie on, no matter the weather :).

In Skegness a child stood on a dirty needle, the beach in Skeg is one of only 4 beaches in the UK to have been awarded a blue flag for cleanliness, but just like every where else in the country Skegness has it’s undesirable individuals both home grown and visitors.

People become complacent when they go on holiday and forget people are the same no matter where you go, so if you wouldn’t do it at home don’t do it on holiday.

Rubbish on Beaches is a real problem and dangerous not only for us humans but also the wildlife on land and in the sea, it always a real shame to see the amount of rubbish left behind by tourist and the amount that gets washed up on the shore.

It’s been calculated that There is 18,000 pieces of plastic floating on every Km2 of Ocean , all of that litter is so unnecessary if people disposed of their trash responsibly :(