The RNLI tractor made this track in the sand after towing the Life Boat out to sea.

I originally discarded this photograph until I stumbled upon it in my collects, it has since become one of my favourites beach pictures.

Beach Photography

I originally didn’t like the photo because of the half written letters, to my then untrained eye I saw it as an imperfection, but after gaining much experience in photography I later came to realise that the SI in the picture adds interest, It makes the viewer wonder what the SI means.

I have no idea, was it the start of someones name, the person they love or something altogether different?

All I know is they didn’t get to finish it and I accidentally through inexperience of not checking everything in a frame before I took a shot captured it on film (Does the term ‘film’ still work in photography, since film is not longer used, most images are digital now days?, just pondering out loud :))

I now look out for unusual things like this when I’m taking my pictures, it’s a bonus when I find one :)