What I like about this picture is the family in the back ground taking there dog for a walk across the beach, The sea had thrown up this bush giving me the oppertunity to combined the two subjects to give an interesting perspective of an other wise cold and grey beach.

Walker on Beach in Winter

There’s not a lot of pictures to take during the winter months and many photographers go through a dry patch of inspiration in the cold dark months.

I guess winter isn’t too bad for photographer that live in cities but when you live in the country, small town/ village or at the seaside there isn’t enough going on to spark your interest.

One thing that changes though on the coast is the beach, it’s never the same twice no matter what the weather and if your brave enough to face the weather on a cold exposed beach you never know what you will find washed up on the sand.

If you look in the back ground of the picture that orange blob is an orange :)