I took this photograph of two avocets from a bird hide, the sun was setting which any one into photography will tell you is not the best time to take a picture.


At the time I thought these two avocets was feeding, but then I realised they where doing a mating dance, I have never witnessed this before and I capture this picture at the just at the right time, I couldn’t believe my look.

I rushed out of the bird hide to tell my hubby what I had just captured on camera, when I discovered my hubby had stumbled upon a young hare hiding in the grass right in front of him :)

I was some way off from these Avocets, I cropped the image down so as to get a closer look at the birds display in more detail, it’s a busy lake with little islands and loads of duck that didn’t add anything to the scene, so I cropped the image down to just focus on the avocets.