This Avocet Photograph was taken at Gibraltar Point nature reserve on the East Coat of Britain.

The Avocet was almost wiped out in Britain when natural land the Avocet breeds on was reclaimed, it wasn’t until world war II that the Avocet made a come back on the East Coast when the land that had been reclaimed was turned back into marshland to prevent the Germans from landing on British shores.

Avocet Black and White Wading Bird

The Avocet is a wading bird that feeds on Aquatic insects and their larvae, crustaceans and worms. Their found on the East Coast of Britain in the summer month and fly down to the south coast in Winter although the success of the avocet conservation project as resulted in the Avocet being found also on the west coast in Cumbria.

Avocets are elegant birds, but looks can be deceiving, avocets will protect there nest vigorously by dive bombing anything that comes to close to their nesting grounds, there nest are a basic lump of soil, but avocets don’t need much in the way of a nest since there chicks are fully independent within hours of hatching.