I capture this staling just as it fanned it’s tail feathers.

I think starlings are beautiful, comical characters and I love to photograph them.

Starling Bird

I’ve have a few favourite in my photography collection of starlings and each time I’ve taken a picture it usually comes with a story of a memory I can remember for life, unlike other birds I have photographed where it’s a quick shot and hope you have a decent pictures Starlings will give you a show.

Starlings get a bad press because of there confidence on the bird tables of Britain, but if you just stop to look you will see that they are impressive birds.

Most people don’t realise that Starlings are song birds with the ability to mimic other bird species songs and the human voice, we got caught out a few weeks ago we heard what we thought was a crow in a tree, all the black birds where sending out alarm calls.

They have a stunning plumage that shines iridescent greens and blues when there feathers catch the light as well as lovely speckles on there chest, each bird has a unique character all of there own.

I love young starling there plumage changes before they get there adult feathers and they look like little fashion victims :)

Starlings crowning glory for me has to the the aerial displays you get in autumn before they roost in the evenings and first thing in a morning if you can stand getting up in the cold weather. I don’t live in a place where there is thousands roosting together, I believe Brighton does, much to my frustration since I used to live there, so it looks like I’ll have to head back down there one day.