Spotted this Collared Dove while out in the middle of town.

Just as I was about to take the picture her chick popped it’s head out from under her and I got a great contrasting shot of mum, baby and red man :)

Collared Dove Chick

It’s really difficult to take a photo on a busy traffic light, I told another photographer about this Dove and he did more cursing about people was in the way of his shot :)

I know how he feels, I went down to get my image early in the morning in the hope of less traffic and pedestrians, I remember at one point someone had pushed the button walked across the road before the green man was on, When the green man came on I was left with drivers looking at me as if I had pushed the button just to stop the traffic.

There was some concern about the chicks first flight since it would be flying directly into busy traffic, a day after I took this picture the baby Dove flew and luckily it had an happy ending, it was found in a flower tub near to the traffic light, it had to be rescued because some kids were messing around with it, a local pigeon fancier took it in.