I took this picture some years ago and it is still one of my personal favorite pieces of bird photography to date.

6 years on from my journey in photography, I can tell you it’s rare to get a picturesque scene of not only the bird being perfectly in shot but also to have scenic surroundings around your bird subject, particularly when you take photographs like I do on the fly during a walk and not sitting around for hours.

Grey Wagtail

This little Grey Wagtail was very inquisitive and was watch me taking a picture as much as I was watching him :)

Grey Wagtail, apparently in my part of the country (Lincolnshire) Grey Wagtails are winter latitudinal migrants which means they fly down from colder parts of the country to the east coast.

Grey wagtails can be see thought the UK, in Scotland you will see them in summer, in Winter along the East Coast, but they are resident all year round in the rest of mainland UK.

Originally Grey Wagtails are migrants from Africa, but many of them chose to stay in the UK which can be a gamble since Grey Wagtails numbers can be badly affected if we have a harsh winter.

They can be seen in garden, but never to far away from water their diet is insects midges and ants which they find on the waters edge, they can be seen in gardens but usually not far from water.

Grey Wagtails are usually mistaken for yellow wagtails, yellow wagtails are all yellow and grey wagtails have silvery blue wings and a yellow chest and tail feathers.