I Took this picture at the back of the beach in Skegness, if you look closely at the far end of the mock castle walls you will see a giant slide :)

Skegness Castle

Turning the photograph black and white gave this other wise mundane photograph and edgy feel, I really like it. love the seagulls above the castle walls didn’t realise they were there until I got home and view the picture on my laptop, that was a nice surprise :)

I do like this structure, it’s interesting, shame it’s in the quiet part of Skegness where no one hardly goes, tucked away out of sight.

I’ve lived in Skegness for a number of years now and I don’t know what this structure is, was it a real castle at one time?.

I’ve tried to find out online but I’ve found nothing about it, my guess it is a Victorian structure meant to resemble an old castle.

There are lots of stone and concrete structures in Skegness left over from the Victorian era the boating lake used to have two big concrete island connected by a bridge in the middle of the lake, but all that is left now is two ugly concrete blocks.