This is a real simple Photography Project that you can use to send your friends and family to make them smile.

WARNING! Pictures should only be sent to people with a good sense of humor :)

Fun Photography Project

this is a simple fun photography project that produces a simple picture editing project created by using paint shop pro, it’s quick and easy which makes it ideal for people spare on time or new to using paint shop pro.

1. Using Paint Shop Pro (I was using version 7) select retouch on the left hand side bar.

2. On the tool options bar go to the bottom button and select smudge from the options, It’s at the top of the list.

Fun Photography Project

3. Alter Shape to round

4. Alter hardness to 100%

5. Opacity should be 100%

6. step should be 100%

7. Density should be set at 100%

Fun Photography Project

8. With the size button choose your own brush size for each step

9. I started with the eyes on my photo, I altered the brush size so it was the same size of the eye on the picture. placing the cursor on the eye and holding down the mouse button (so the program know what it is I want to duplicate) I then scrolled around the eyes, by pulling the cursor up and around.

Fun Photography Project

10. continue selecting body parts by using the instruction for the eyes and before you know it you’ll have turned your loved ones pictures into weird friends and family Photos.