I’m proud of this Image one of my best.

I was lucky enough to get a good picture with a cooperative subject. dragonfly same as butterflies can be so difficult to take a picture of, as soon as you spot them their off.

I’ve ran down many a path trying to get a decent Insect image, Beetles are OK they tend to stay around a while but Dragonflies can be a pain to get to sit still.

Green Dragonfly

Photographer Marie Law

This piece of Insect Photography was produced by me getting down low in a farmers meadow field/verge and using the auto settings on my digital camera.

I might have used the Macro setting if I ever learn how to use it, I’ve been through 3 cameras in the 5 years and I still haven’t learned how to produce a Macro Image :)

We were nose to nose so to speak, Do Dragonflies have noses? :)