My sons keen eyes spotted this great picture for my to take of this little green spider on a blade of grass.

I’d never seen one of these green spiders before, it was a first for me.

Green Spider

We had gone for a walk to a nature reserve when he saw it, we had a good day that day and this little guy was just gravy.

A good photograph, I love the out of focus back ground in contrast against the vivid colours of this Green Spider, love his orange legs :)

I’ve tried to find out the name of this spider, but i can’t find one in listed in UK Species that looks exactly like this one the closest reference I’ve found is the Cucumber Spider or the Green orb Spider, I have seen one of these on my garden I had a cucumber spider on my daisies, but non of the pictures I’ve found online or the one in my garden had the bright orange legs of the spider we saw at Gibraltar point in Skegness Lincolnshire, we saw it in 2010 or the stripey dark lines on the abdomen and legs.

If anyone knows what it is, could you tell me by leaving a comment below it would be much appreciated :)