My hubby smeared some fermenting fruit onto a post so I could get this picture, well it wasn’t exactly this piece of insect photography I was after, but I’m thrilled with the result :)

Wasp on Fruit

We had walked down a wooded path which had loads of Red Admiral Butterflies feeding off the fruit on the ground, they where everywhere it was like walking through a dream we had them landing on us as we watched them, it was truly magical.

My husband spread a post with fruit in the hope of attracting butterflies but within a couple of minutes this wasp turned up.

Wasps give me the heebie jeebies, they make my skin crawl!

I had to get up quite close to this wasp to capture the image and as I was doing so I was made to jumped back suddenly, my skin felt as though it had been stung! I guess I literally got to close for comfort and my body gave me a jolt to move away from the danger.

Awesome picture though I really like it.