Took this picture at Skegness Bowling Green.

I love everything about this picture, from the man leaning in the door way to the deckchair in the corner, this photograph tells a great story.

People Photography Hard at Work

Must get boring sometimes waiting for people to turn up to play lawn bowls.

This photograph came out really well, I’m ever so pleased, I love his concentration on his hand held games consol.

I’m surprising it came out so well since I took the shot when I was walking passed quiet fast with my camera by my side, my hubby kinda drags me along, I either keep up or fall flat on my face :) .

Not the easiest way to take a picture I can tell you with your camera dangling by your side, you have no point of reference what so ever, to whats in shot. This is the only photograph I’ve taken that has come out well using this technique.

I got talking to a fellow amateur photographer and he was telling me about a funny photo he got of a woman sun bathing topless, I mentioned I was having difficulty pointing my camera at people which is a shame since people photography can be really interesting.

He suggested to me the technique of holding your camera by my side and taking a picture that way, I guess I’m not getting the best results because I can’t take my time and stand still, I have to blaze a trail where ever I go to keep up with my hubby.

Not his fault I know he would stand around all day with me if he could, but he has a bad back and stopping, starting and standing around make his pain worse, so we have to keep on walking and he walks fast :).