This is a Photography subject I’m having some difficulty with.

Taking pictures of people just feels so wrong, getting a grip of pointing a camera at a complete strangers feels uncomfortable So I started with my son :) .

Sky Jump on Beach

I love this picture he only jumped a few inches off the floor, but it looks like he’s launched into the air.

When my son saw this he asked where his invisible bike went :)

I know it’s not illegal to take pictures of people in public.

I personally wouldn’t mind someone taking pictures of me in public, most people are good and honest, but the perception people have is that if you photograph them it will be used for perverted purposes.

So it makes me feel uncomfortable, also because I’m a woman I’m scared someone will attack me for pointing my camera at them :(

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way who are into photography as a hobby.

It’s a shame some of the best pictures from professional photographers are those taken of people spontaneously of individuals going about their daily lives.